During the testing process, our team works carefully to analyze a structure in and out. Furthermore our thorough measures, our staff makes every effort to educate clients about common environmental safety measures along with ways to keep your home or workplace asbestos free. Additionally, we are commitment to using green, environmentally friendly materials whenever we can. We go out of our way to keep updated on the latest green equipment and techniques available to remove asbestos without utilizing the harshest methods.

Coordinating with an asbestos removal specialist in Redmond makes sense for many reasons. Because the substance is toxic once disturbed, it is necessary to remove any trace of asbestos found during the renovation process. You want to ensure you will be turning your office or home over to the experts. Weekend warriors need not apply. When choosing someone to make your home or commercial structure safe from asbestos, it is crucial that you thoroughly research the track record of the company to save both money and time. Asbestos Ace in Redmond, WA is that company. Our highly trained professionals diligently examine each structure we operate on to discover and test areas where asbestos is suspected. We know that we can not afford to take risks or make mistakes as the health of you and your loved ones is at stake.

To use a professional or not? That is the question. The quick answer is yes.

it was an often-used building material before doctors and scientists discovered its harmful long-lasting effects on people. Since then,When faced with the choice to treat and remove asbestos,removal and encapsulation process.When conducting asbestos testing and removal jobs,we have provided exceptional asbestos abatement in the city of Redmond. Safety is our primary concern during the testing,our clients hire us. In return,our goal is to deliver high quality service. Our carefully trained staff are competent in the most up to date environmental service techniques to make sure your home or commercial structure remains free of asbestos and other potentially harmful substances (like mold and lead). You can be sure our team goes above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied when you contact us.Because they expect the highest quality in service,we do our best to ensure your home or workspace is free and safe from asbestos and other harmful substances. Our jobs include everything from hospitals and schools to homes and office buildings. Our team is standing by and ready to bring you the best in asbestos testing and removal in the Redmond area. The sooner you call us at!

contractors have been prohibited from using asbestos during the construction process. Its great news this harmful substance is not used for building construction any longer. For those contractors or homeowners updating older structures,the former construction materials are a burden on the renovation process.Asbestos Ace in Redmond,WA is the premiere asbestos removal company and leader in environmental safety. For many years,time is critical. This nasty substance can present serious problems for both contractors renovating older structures and the do-it-yourself weekend warrior. If done improperly,asbestos removal can cause health risks like asthma,the sooner we can help!respiratory issues and even cancer (in extreme cases including prolonged exposure). Asbestos has a nasty reputation and rightfully so. Until the 1980s,