2016.06.27 – fixed versions v3.8 600+(MT4) and v3.8(MT5) uploaded because of changing of the DailyFX Calendar html format.

2014.12.29 – fixed and updated versions v2.2(MT4) and v2.1(MT5) uploaded.

Please check out theDailyFX Economic Calendarindicator for the new MT4 with the following usefull options:

Hi,Please check out the DailyFX Economic Calendar indicator for the new MT4 with the following usefull options: Auto TimeZone …Premium Trading Forum:subscription,part of the Trading Forum category;2016.03.09 – fixed and updated versions v3.7 600+(MT4) and v3.7(MT5) uploaded with the new parameter DisplayPanel.forums,publicdiscussionand latestnews2017.04.10 – updated versions v4.0 600+(MT4) and v3.9(MT5) uploaded with the new parameter useImportanceColor.2015.04.10 – updated versions v3.3 600+(MT4) and v3.3(MT5) uploaded. Since these versions well use common .csv format with the ForexFactoryNews indicator.This dailyfx indicator is working fine. I think – it is the best indicator for economic calendar – thanks to Igorad.2015.03.20 – fixed versions v3.1 600+(MT4) and v3.1(MT5) uploaded.2017.01.17 – fixed version v3.9 600+(MT4) uploaded because of a minor bug if the Currency Color=None.2016.01.25 – fixed versions v3.6 600+(MT4) and v3.6(MT5) uploaded because of changing of the DailyFX Calendar html format.Please download the fixed and updated versions v2.2(MT4) and v2.1(MT5) with ability to download the DailyFX Calendar History.

This version works with Metatrader 4 build 600 and above.

NewsTrader_v5.9 600+ based on DailyFX Economic Calendar

input string CalendarDirectory = DailyFX News; //Calendar Directory input string CalendarName = DailyFX ; //Calendar Name input int DownloadPause = 120; //Pause Between Downloads(sec) input int TimeMode = 0; //Time Mode:0-Brokers,1-Local,2-Custom input int TimeZone = 3; //Time Zone input bool AlertOn = false; //AlertOn input double AlertTimeGap = 1; //News & Alert Time Gap(min) input bool PrintInLog = false; //Print in Log input bool DisplayPanel = true; //Display Information Panel input bool DisplayFlags = true; //Display Flags Option input bool DisplayLines = true; //Display Lines Option input bool DisplayText = false; //Display Text Option input bool DisplayEvents = true; //Display Events Option input int LineStyle = 3; //Line Style input int MaxEventLength = 27; //News Max Length(in symbols) input bool LoadCalendarHistory = false; //Load Calendar History input datetime LoadHistoryFrom = D2009.10.11; //Load Calendar History From Date input bool SaveHTMFormat = false; //Save HTM Format input string countryFilter = Country Filter(None-off, color-on): ; input color EUR = clrPink; //Euro Zone(EUR) input color USD = clrDodgerBlue; //US(USD) input color JPY = clrOrange; //Japan(JPY) input color GBP = clrRed; //UK(GBP) input color CHF = clrMagenta; //Switzerland(CHF) input color AUD = clrGreen; //Australia(AUD) input color CAD = clrTomato; //Canada(CAD) input color NZD = clrGray; //New Zealand(NZD) input color CNY = clrOrange; //China(CNY) input string impFilter = Importance Filter: ; input string NewsImportance = L,M,H; //News Importance Filter ( – all) input string graphSets = Graph Settings: ; input int window = 0; //Window: 0-chart window,1-1st subwindow,2-2nd subwindow and so on input int step_X = 20; input int step_Y = 20; input int offset_X = 30; input int offset_Y = 30; input string textFontName = Arial; input string headFontName = Arial Black; input int fontSize = 8; input color textColor = clrSilver; input color timeColor = clrSilver; input color lowImportanceColor = clrLightBlue; input color medImportanceColor = clrOrange; input color highImportanceColor = clrRed; input color betterNewsColor = clrGreenYellow; //Better News Color input color worseNewsColor = clrTomato; //Worse News Color input uchar upcomNewsArrowCode = 108; input color upcomNewsArrowColor = clrMediumSeaGreen; input color backgroundColor = C0,50,70; //Background Color: None-off, color-on input int backgroundBorder = -1; //Background Border: -1-off,0…2-on

Please unzip the archive with national flags to MQL4/Images directory.

Tested dailyFX_v_2.1 on MT4 build 711 and working ok.

2017.04.12 – fixed versions v4.1 600+(MT4) and v4.0(MT5) uploaded.

2015.09.01 – fixed versions v3.5 600+(MT4) and v3.5(MT5) uploaded. Now you can use your Brokers, Local and any other time to see the DailyFX Calendar.

2015.05.15 – fixed versions v3.4 600+(MT4) and v3.4(MT5) uploaded because of changing of the DailyFX Calendar html format.

2015.03.04 – fixed and updated versions v3.0 600+(MT4) and v3.0(MT5) uploaded.

2014.10.03 – version v2.1: fixed and updated with the new option – Display Events.

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