The Fox deal gave Disney even more shows and movies to roll out to its direct-to-consumer services. Family-friendly content like The Simpsons and The Avatar went to Disney+, while the more adult fare goes to Hulu, including FX content.

Last week,Hulus chief marketing officer Kelly Campbell was promoted to president a move that signals that Hulus internal leadership is about marketing the service and growing the subscriber base. Disney, meanwhile, is making the bigger strategic decisions.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,like American Horror Story,The Shield,Atlanta,Dave (FXX) and Breeders (FX),What We Do in the Shadows,Disney has made a number of changes to the streaming service?Fosse/Verdon?

Other FX originals will follow, including limited series Mrs. America, starring Cate Blanchett on April 15, A Teacher, starring Kate Mara this summer, and the drama The Old Man starring Jeff Bridges this fall.

And on March 5, Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) will launch his first-ever TV series, Devs. The limited series, written and directed by Garland, stars Sonoya Mizuno, Nick Offerman, Jin Ha and Alison Pill. The plot focuses on a young software engineer, Lily Chan, who investigates the division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in Silicon Valley, which she believes was involved with her boyfriends murder.

FX and Hulu have worked together in the past, but this the first time that FX is bringing together both current and past seasons as well as originals to Hulu. Previously, FX had offered streaming of its shows through an FX Plus subscription service but that was shut down last year,after the Disney-Fox dealclosed.

Sons of Anarchy,The FX hub on Hulu will also include streaming premieres of new comedies,Damages,Rescue Me,Nip/Tuck,including a massive reorg that sawthe departure of Hulu CEO Randy Freeras the service became more integrated with Disneys own direct-to-consumer operations.The new FX hub on Hulu is available across platforms and via a dedicated /fx-on-hulu.The new FX hub on Hulu promises next-day access to current series along with the networks library of legacy series,Archer,Thief and Terriers.Justified,plus Season 4 of Better Things (FX) and a new season of Cake (FXX). The NYTs documentary series the Weekly is also available.The addition is made possible thanks to Disneysacquisition of 21st Century Foxand itssubsequent deal with NBCUthat gave it full operational control of Hulu. Since then,

. The company announced today the launch of a new FX hub on the streaming service that includes over 40 FX Networks TV shows, new original linear series and other FX originals that will now be exclusive to Hulu.