They havent publicly said anything definitive. Statements made by people at FX seemed to indicate that more FX content will be coming to Hulu, but no time frame or specifics were given. I think its likely, especially with NBC content leaving eventually, that some or most FX shows will start being put on Hulu the day after they air, but I wouldnt expect it to happen immediately as soon as FX+ shuts down.

and has little bearing on it imo.Last year AHS was available next day on Hulu if you had hulu live tv…i dont see why that would changeWhere did you read that FX Now is shutting down? I use the FX Now tv everywhere app as well as the NatGeo tv everywhere app all the time.Theyre already included in the Hulu with Live TV package. Its possible they might include it with the regular (which would be nice,My guess is no – they will follow the current model of appearing a bit before the next season airs.Yep totally meant FX + sorry for the confusion.Every live tv streaming service that has FX as a channel has access to FXs on demand library. This is completely separate from subscription streaming rights,does that mean when new episodes of shows air that the episode will be available the next day on Hulu like say for example the upcoming season of American Horror Story or Mayans? Or should we still expect for them to be added at later date when the full season is finished?I think youre getting FX+ and FXNow mixed up. FX+ is a paid subscription service andisshutting down at the end of August. FXNow is just a TV Everywhere app for pay TV subscribers.half the reason I have it is for FX shows). They may use it as an incentive to get live tv though…So since FX Now is going to be shutting down and is expected to be migrated into Hulu,

Presumably all the content owned by CBS, Viacom, and NBC will be pulled from Hulu over the next several years as those companies focus on their own streaming services(this is assuming Viacom starts putting things on CBS All Access). It would make sense to replace it with FX content showing up immediately imo.

Ive been wondering this as well. Especially since S14 of IASIP is coming out next month.

Hopefully Disney decides to go the in season available next day route. They are already doing it with that new New York Times The Weekly show.