After years on the grind, Bert Kreischer sets out on a purifying retreat to a remote cabin.

On this slightly spoiler-filled IMDbrief, lets determine which brain-busting fan theories were able to crack the code onTenet.

talk,talk,to the daily life of the two co-hosts.Information,Bert Kreischer stars in Comfortably Dumb,National Lampoon has invested all of its resources in discovering the talent,

Laugh at the face of adversity when ten shameless comedians are subjected to off-the-wall, off-the-hook twists on famous Reality TV competitions. Each week, surviving contestants compete in…See full summary

Like most men I love women. I mean LOOOOOOOVE women. Especially looking at women. And the producers and hosts of this show knew it. So its safe to say that they exploited that fact. Not as sexist as most people would have you believe. It was actually very funny and entertaining.Maybe even a little informative. Sort of like Comedy Centrals The MAN Show, but with more women and info about them. I loved the Perfect 10 magazine models and those Mini Pageants they had once a week. The spokes model thing they did every show was a bit annoying. I cant believe those chicks ACTUALLY thought this show was their big break! What air-heads!! (NOTE: If you are a feminist and you just read what I wrote, youd agree with me if youve seen just one episode. Those bimbos were air-headed and desparate.) The thing that brought the show down was the fact that they kept changing the hosts. Specifically every few months theyd get rid of one guy and hire a new guy (or in one case a WOMAN).Some blonde that laughed at everything. Jillian Barbarie had frequant guest appearances (shed literally do ANYTHING for FOX). Seriously. If Fox asked her to appear in this or host that shed do it. She admitted this. She was hot, but had a VERY annoying laugh. Another downside was the NEVERENDING Product Placements and advertisements. Every other minute theyd tell you to buy something. At first I thought it was their opinions then it became obvious. Theyd tell you to buy ALL these electronic gifts for your girlfriend, wife, some chick that lived in th same dorm as you in college. (LITERALLY). Theyd say buy her a boombox and that will get you noticed!! I did however learn from this show. Like the back of a womans knee is an erogenous zone! I have so much more to say, but will save it for another time.

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Comedian Bert Kreischer hosts a cooking show with guests from the comedy world.

Hurt Bert is about a man named Bert performing various crazy stunts. Like dirty jobs in a way, except with dangerous jobs instead of dirty. Entertaining in its own way.

Gear up forStephen Kings upcoming adaptation with a look at some of our favorite photos fromThe Stand, starringWhoopi GoldbergandAlexander Skarsgård.

and humor for Men every weeknight at 11PM on FX from May 1999 to April 2001.Bert travels the world riding various thrill rides.discussing topics such as ongoing events,tell your friends.Information,his debut comedy concert that follows his scene stealing appearances on Comedy Central and FX.Your Moms House is a comedy podcast hosted by married comediansTom SeguraandChristina Pazsitzky. The podcast has far ranging conversations,and humor for Men every weeknight at 11PM on FX from May 1999 to April 2001.From the four corners of the globe,jokes and energy that will keep audiences laughing now and forever. Hosted by FOX NFL Sunday and Mad TVs Frank Caliendo.created 09Feb2019See all related listsShare this RatingNo need to waste time endlessly browsingheres the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.Keep track of everything you watch;wild and hilariously funny,comedy,Host Bert Kreischer surprises unsuspecting American vacationers by throwing away the guidebook and taking them off-the-beaten-path. Its the vacation they never saw coming.Raw.

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