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ForexFactory is a website which provides information on stock prices and stock news.

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Forex Factorys mission is to provide universal access to financial market intelligence. In an ideal world, every trader has access to all market-moving information at the same time, and every day Forex Factory is working to making that a reality.

Forex Factorys team is overflowing with passion for financial markets and internet technologies both fields are at the heart of the company. With the experience of a Wall Street firm, and the technical expertise of a Silicon Valley startup, Forex Factory is able to develop unmatched products and experiences for traders. The company is poised to be one of the worlds leading providers of financial information.

Forex Factory is guided by a simple principle: great teams build great products, and great products lead to business success. That means the companys top priority is cultivating an elite team of passionate people, and the second priority is building the best products. With the right people, and great products, everything else becomes easy.

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