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Traders who have just entered theusgforeign exchange market may encounter the professional term of the law of 28, which may be heard by most people, but what does the law of 28 of the foreign exchange market mean and how to use it What about the law? Today, I will talk to you about the law of wealth in the foreign exchange trading market. The 28th Law, also known as the Baredos Law, was invented by Italian economistforexBaredo in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He believes that in any group of things, the most important part is only a small part, about 20%, and the remaining 80% is secondary, although it is the majority, so it is also called the law of 28. 1. Short-sightedness is a taboo for foreign exchange investment In the foreign exchange market, 80% of investors only think about how to make money, and only 20% of investors consider the contingency strategy when losing money. But the result is that only 20% of investors can make a long-term profit, while 80% of investors often lose money. 2.The reasonable allocation of time is very important Gaoming investors spend 80% of their time studyingforex brokerand researching, accumulating experience, analyzing trends, and using 20% ​​of their time for practical operations. The blind investor used 80% of the time to make a firm offer and lacked rational thinking. The remaining 20% ​​of the time can only be used for regret. 3. Dont rush into short-term trading Eighty percent of foreign exchange brokerages income comes from 20% of short-term customersAustralia forextransactions, while 80% of investors income comes from 20% of transactions. Therefore, unless you are very skilled in short-term investment, please do not rush into short-term trading. 4. The profit and loss of foreign exchange transactions are largely related to the information held by investors. In the foreign exchange market, 20% of profitable investors have mastered 80% of the markets correct and valuable information, while 80% of losing investors have just passed hastily for various reasons A small number of media have 20% of the information that is not necessarily accurate. 5.Familiar with foreign exchange fluctuation trends The foreign exchange market was oscillated in 80% of the time, that is, it fluctuated within a small range. The original upward or downward trend slowed down significantly, entered a stage of stable change, and continued for a period of time. Only in 20% of the time, it is in a unilateral market, that is, the trend is only in one direction, or it is only rising and not falling, or it is only falling and not rising, and there will not be a large shock in the market. Successful foreign exchange investors spend 20% of their time participating in unilateral quotes and 80% of their breaks. Failing investors spend 80% of their time participating in shock and consolidation quotes, using 2% Ten hours of rest. How to use the two-eight law in foreign exchange transactions In foreign exchange trading, knowing what is eight and what is two is the key to applying the two eight law. For example, when you find yourself losing money in the transaction, you can analyze from these six aspects: 1. Which part of your trading plan directly affects your trading performance; 2.Which time periods will greatly affect your trading performance; 3.Which trading tools, indicators and strategies will cause large performance changes; 4.Which errors have a great impact on trading performance; 5.Which market signal filtering tools have a significant impact on trading performance; 6. Which losses and profits are caused by the same trading system.

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