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Forex Introducing Broker or Forex Affiliate is a partnership program offered by Forex brokers which allows individuals or businesses to earn revenue by referring traders to Forex Brokers, partners will start receiving commissions when referred clients open an account and start trading in real market. Becoming an Introducing Broker is simple and straight-forward, learn all about Forex IBs right now, right here.

For Forex IBs, regulation and reliability of broker is as if they are hitting two birds with one stone, heres how: Forex IBs are definitely going to have a higher rate of success in attracting clients to Forex brokers that are regulated, because regulations will provide a more secure and safe environment for clients trading activity; Then again, IBs are here for prompt crediting of commissions as well as fast withdrawals, this is not going to be smooth unless a fully regulated & trusted Broker is in place.

Most Forex Partnership programs come with certain limitations and restrictions, some strict and some easy to go with. They are set by Brokers either to reduce IB commissions or to push IBs to attract more clients. At times, if such requirements are not met, IB commissions wont be available for withdrawal. Without a doubt, this is not appealing to introducing brokers, fortunately there are fine brokers with the least or no limitation at all in order to grab all the benefits.

::: Forex IB Commission types and definitions :::

Receive a fixed rebate per each lot traded by your referred clients

Receive a variable rebate based on your clients trading volume

Receive rebates from traders attracted by other IBs youve introduced

Receive rebates from traders referred by multi-level attracted IBs

Get a fixed commission amount once your client signs up and trades

Receive a percent of the profits made by your referred clients

FBS iPartner Contest-top 3 winners will win Apple devices (iMac, iPhone & iPad)

Forex industry is now bigger than ever with many more brokers popping up, and not every broker will lead you to success in Forex partnership. Your Forex broker reputability is one of the most important factors in driving more clients and making more commissions. A well-known brand name with its solid history will turn your Forex partnership career into a very profitable business with less effort. Moreover, IBs & Partners of reputable brokers will rapidly boost their conversion rate.

Forex IBs success in attracting and maintaining clients is largely dependant upon trading conditions & trading products of the broker. Among the most competitive trading conditions are lowest spreads, trade execution speed, number of trading instruments in various markets (Forex, Stock, Futures, Metals) and trading products such as trading platforms, mobile trading, depositing\withdrawal methods and additional tools provided for traders to improve their trading experience.

Before diving into how much Forex IBs earn, lets get the facts straight:

Online FX Trading is one of the most profitable businesses on the web.

Always trending and trading all over the world.

Traders have access to trade financial markets Forex, CFDs, Stock & Metals

Forex Partners receive lifetime revenue from all their referred clients

In Online Forex Industry, Brokers pay real high commission to partners

from the very first trade of their very first client

Forex Ibs & Partners commissions earning is as follow:

Forex IBs commission amount can be fixed or variable (depending on the type of partnership program), here we go with fixed amount (Commission per lot) which is the most common type with Standard trading accounts:

Lets assume that your broker offers10$ commission per lotfor each trade of your referred client (s).

You have attracted as low as5 clientswho opened\funded Standard trading accounts and made the following trading activitiesduring one month:

Lets now calculate IBs commission with examples in different circumstance:

in the Forex market and it just doesnt stop here, if you are an active IB with a considerable number of clients or generate big trading volume by your referrals, there can be an opportunity to become a

made partnership conditions together with higher commissions as well as additional advantages. Moreover, serious IBs can even apply for

in their region, act as an official introducing broker via an established company.

The Market is HUGE, It is so attractive for traders & investors -the partnership program is dynamic and so highly profitable!

number of lots (15 + 5 + 35 + 20) * commission per lot 10 USD =

Lets now assume, the average trading volume of each five clients is as low as 2 lots per day:

22 (Trading days in a month) * 10 (5 clients * 2 lots per day) * commission per lot 10 USD =

Trading volume (lot) of a trader varies depending on Trader personality, Deposit amount and Trading strategy

day traders) trade an average number of 5 trades per week.

Scalpers trade an average number of 10 trades per day

Long term trades trade an average amount 10 trades in a month

XMhas paid over 12 million dollars in commissions to its IBs and Partners in 2014 alone. Founded in 2009,XMhas now over 190,000 clients and 21,000 Introducing brokers in 196 countries.

No limit on commissions per client or on monthly earnings

Personal IB Account Manager (In your own language)

quality marketing tools (Banners, landing pages and more)

Advanced IB Cabinet with Realtime reporting (etrass)

Always on time,XMpays partners commissions every month via Bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill or Trading Account transfer.

General Risk Warning:Trading Forex carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. All contents on this website are for informational purposes only.