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The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory, , m websites.

Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings.

The EA should be attached to each currency chart. In the Symbol News field, set the currency symbol for searching news in the calendar. Example: if the EA is attached to the AUDUSD chart, set Symbol News to AUD; if USDCAD, Symbol News – CAD, XAUUSD Symbol News – USD, and so on. Change the magic number for each chart, any timeframe.

The robot works with pending and market orders. It places two Buy stop and Sell stop orders before a news release, or sets levels hidden from the broker. In case a level is broken, an order is opened.

The EA features a function for trading news from the list using pending and market orders. To use this, add the desired news to be traded and specify the numerical deviation for opening an order.

trading type (trade news from the calendar or news entered manually)

– type of orders for trading news entered manually

time to read the data from the calendar from the list for the trading type 2 with market orders

maximum slippage. If a slippage exceeds a specified value, orders are removed

move orders towards the price after a specified time interval in seconds (0-off)

place stop orders before a news release in seconds

delete orders if none has been triggered after a specified time

– open new orders if there are open orders present on the given currency pair

Doubling the lot of the opposite pending order

– when one of the orders triggers, an opposite order with a doubled lot will be placed.

– modification of the order following the price (disabled if 0)

Greetings, could you explain to me what the market presets and pending orders of Forex Factory News are for. Well, sometimes they work for me other times not lately.

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Getting losses so far much more than wins will update soon again

i had this EA for 10 days… with presets from the author it opened 0 positions, changing from list to calendar and trading high and medium news on a 4k account, it opened 2 orders closed by trailing stops… made 0.73% profit, i understand it s safe, but its too few operations… does not worth the cost!

UPDATE 11 july : it is a slow EA , do not open many positions, but only because it does not find the right conditions, once he does, then he makes nice profits… I have to retract my previous words, in this week of great news I ea made 7% of my capital … great job … I will definitely buy it at the end of the trial period !!!

Great EA, works well! And excellent customer service, very Helpful!

This EA is very good, the updated features make him more powerful

The author is also very enthusiastic to help and solve customer needs.

El uso en noticias lo hace inmejorable. El autor sincero, te escucha y te da consejos sin problemas. No tengo ms palabras y si tienes un buen servidor y lo tienes bien configurado tienes rentabilidad. Suerte con las News.

Very good EA. More than the product, the author is very supportive and answers our query quickly.

The EA works good and the author is supportive and down to earth. I still needs to try the hedging option and I will then update my review.So far, the EA almost has all options needed for trading news.

Its an excelent EA. Ive been looking for EA with just that functionality for a while. Its a tool that can do many styles of news trading, and can make you bancrupt very fast if you use it wrong. Luckily everything is rather simple to set up, and author provides set of files to load for each pair. Author responds very quickly, and my tests so far confirm that EA earns money on NEWS. Do not purchase if you do not know what news trading is.

So far so good. The author provides .set files which have optimized default setting for all pairs required. the ea has very strict rules to enter orders so it wont trade all news, it only filters the really strong news

I won some trade so far. Alexei has good support.

Ill test this ea for some more and leave more review by end of Dec.

Got it a week ago, was confused on how to set it up. Then friendly developer gave me his copies of the sets to upload, and then wo it works amazing on demo. $1,000 week on 1.0 lots!

I had to spend a couple of weeks demoing it. Apparently MyFxBook doesnt even list some of the events that occur. So you have to go with ForexFactory calendar! (theres 3 options for news feeds).

My demo and live accounts are with the same broker, so I dont expect any problems on a live account and Im extremely satisfied so far.

Some people who speak broken English and leave comments like cavemen seem to n ot have the proper sets loaded (the EUR set, the AUD set, etc), or didnt spend the energy tweaking the settings, or didnt take the time to really think carefully about each setting…and so for them I guess it didnt work right.

Aleksei you are the man! When I make money live, im sending you beer money.

[Final note: I dont know if my settings were wrong at first, but my only loss was on USD news with Oil / WTi Crude… red folder, high impmact event. So im no longer trading Oil with it.]

good ea got 20+ pip from cad retail sales news but i forgot to set higher trail stop default is 15 so it hit trail stop breakeven otherwise i would have got 40+ pip 🙁 i advise you to disable trailing stops if you are monitoring the trade

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Excelente experto, desde todo punto de vista. Lo estoy usando hace mas de un mes, y he incrementado mi capital en un 150%. Es maravilloso. (Aclaro que tengo 3 cuentas reales de $ 100 cada una).

good for trapping news, would be better if this can skip the speech news

still waiting for result.If I get profit I will post result here.

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If you want an EA of news you buy other than this one.

It does not work well with high volatility, which is what happens when there is news. The author suggests leaving the orders pending 1 hour, in order to laugh.

Buy another EA more expensive and more professional, This is to lose a little to buy it, something more to use it, and then change it for a better one. So check it directly.

The videos are some good news very volatile with its own configuration that does not teach. So do not get carried away by the videos. Neither can be used in backtest and the results in REAL are quite negative when it works.

Normally you pass the majority of the news and do not enter …. Im sorry to be the only one who says things as they are.

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This EA is profitable ONLY after you did homework and find out the parameters that suit you.

had a rather sedate start with this EA, although the vendor is ready to reply, however he never tell us how to backtest this product, as all his .set files are out of date and just blow up your account. i asked on numerous times on the comment section how to backtest but to no avail. The EA has potential, but needs right guidance from the author to be on right foot, which unfortunately has not happen in my case.

very good EA. Need to adjust Input Parameters for optimal performance

So far it shows that it is a great EA in August 2016. Is a good EA with good rules and more serious than other EAs of Buy Stop and Sell Stop (Even with real spreads). I would like to continue on this path. It would be very good news. Although the DD can be dangerous, it might be better to reduce the risk. I will update this review soon. And if is stable i will give 5 stars. Support of the author is very good

UPDATE: 15/09/2016— Is a EA with dangerous random results. Not stable and dangerous with DD

UPDATE: 17/03/2017— The author have removed two signals in different times about this EA

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During the first three trades on Thursday and Friday profitable on live account.I Recommend this EA strongly As well as the price of the EA is Cheap compared to performance

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ECN . 13%-19% ( )

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First news robot that made a profit also very good support. thanks

Very poor results as the myfxbook vendor himself, ea is not profitable on the long term, many losses !

El Ea funciona perfectamenfe, pero lo mejor de todo es la buena atencion al cliente, te ayudan en todo.

I have bought for a month . The result is good. Author has upgrade version and now EA working good. This EA is one of the best EA for news trading here( if not the best). People need to chose good VPS with lowest latency and an ECN broker ( ICmarkets, Darwinex, Pepperstone, Tickmilll).

Give 5 start because Author very friendly and kindly support!

Just trying a few weeks. Until now very good philosophy, not very much risks and good and fast support from the developer.

The new version is easier to use. Thank you Moshkin!

Very bad results. I tried this EA on the following accounts: IC Markets ECN and Pepperstone Razor (connection both approx. 10ms). On both accounts similar bad results!

do not waist your time on it just continues loses i lost 50% in account Balance in several trades my review is 0/5.

my old review :This is my first time i am writing a review to any EA !!! please do not waste your money in any EA !!! this EA just what you need !!!! its perfect today i had a very good results and hope its continue like this 5/5 stars !!! .

Made 50% of the cost back on my first set of trades on a relatively small account 7% up from NFP, fair to say I am happy with my purchase. I had some problems initially but he came on team viewer and sorted it all out for me.

Turns out that 0.05 lots is around 3% risk at 300-400 so adjust accordingly. I will stick to 0.1 per 1000 and be happy it wont blow the account.

Great EA. Pay for itself in one day of trading. Just one recommendation for anyone buying it, be sure that you have a fast and reliable e-net connection and trustful broker which has not re-quote problems during the news release. EA works very fast and could produce an excellent profit. Do not start with large volume until you see its performance and learn how to handle it. Thanks to the author for the help and support.

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Excellent EA!! First news robot that made a profit for me.

, , , ECN, , .. – , 50, 139, 180%, , , , . , , . , , .

.Version 10.22019.03.21 .


, .

.Version 10.12018.11.17 .Version 10.02018.04.25Added a block for doubling orders – an opposite order is doubled after one of the orders triggers.

Added a block of limit orders – Buy Limit and Sell Limit are set together with Buy Stop and Sell Stop before a news release.

Changed the name of the block of a grid of limit orders.Version 9.02018.01.23Modified TP1 and TP2 in hedging.

Coefficient of Take Profit – take profit ratio

To calculate the necessary Take Profit, multiply Distance by Coefficient of Take Profit

example: Distance – 200, Coefficient of Take Profit – 2.5, 200*2.5=500 pipsVersion 8.02017.12.14Fixed removing pending orders.

Changed reading the output data in the calendar from Previous/Actual to Forecast/Actual.Version 7.02017.11.17Changed the maximum drawdown value from the deposit percentage to the deposit currency

Changed order deletion from minutes to seconds

Added 10 cells for manual input of news to trade.Version 6.02017.08.29Changed the reading of the calendar.

Added the function of hiding stop orders and take profits.

This version should be attached to each currency pair.

Added the function of trading news entered manually in the EA settings using pending orders and market orders.Version 5.02017.06.12Implemented trading with market orders by comparing the calendar data.

Moved comments to the settings.Version 4.02016.12.19Added a new trading calendar the calendar publishes only important news.

Added support for trading GAS, EURSEK, EURNOK.

Added the use of martingale (optional).Version 3.02016.10.20Changed the server for receiving Forex Factory news from to

Added new news server of – selection of the calendar is in the settings.

Added the function of duplicating orders to GBPJPY when news is released for GBP, orders are only opened on the GBPUSD by default.

Added the function of duplicating orders to DE30 when news is released for USD, orders are only opened on the USDJPY by default.

Added the function of duplicating orders to US30 when news is released for USD, orders are only opened on the USDJPY by default.

Added separate settings for each currency pair.

Implemented the ability to test the EA in the strategy tester. To do this, download the text file to Testerfiles

when testing, set the Interval modify orders to 0 in the strategy tester settings

Parameter values are specified in pips for the five-digit quotes

Implemented the automatic detection of the time zones for the news calendar and terminal trading server, manual time adjustment is no longer necessary.