Forex Factory is designed exclusively to provide high-quality information to forex traders. The website is embedded in the daily routine of over a million traders, and advertising to this audience is made easy via the Branding and Guide placements outlined below. For the past eleven years, the forex industrys leading companies have witnessed Forex Factorys fair practices and ability to deliver value. With advertisers renewing 95% of all orders since the websites inception, theres no doubt about it Forex Factory advertising delivers! Website Traffic Google Analytics Stats (March 2014) Users 1.2M Page Views 21.3M Sessions 7.7M Visits by Subcontinent (March 2014) South-Eastern Asia 27.9% Southern Asia 14.5% Northern America 13.4% Eastern Europe 9.6% Northern Europe 7.8% Western Asia 4.8% Southern Europe 4.2% Australia/New Zealand 4.0% Western Europe 3.7% Eastern Asia 2.7% Other 7.4% Advertising Environment Transparent: Forex Factory serves ads using the industry-standard DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), which allows advertisers to monitor detailed delivery statistics and is compatible with the tracking mechanism of most 3rd-party ad platforms. Haggle-Free: Forex Factory offers the same fair pricing to each and every customer. Theres absolutely no deviation from the prices published on this media kit, thereby ensuring all advertisers are paying the lowest available rate without needing to haggle! Conflict-Free: 100% of Forex Factorys revenues come from advertising sold via this media kit. Forex Factory is not an introducing broker, does not offer agency discounts, and has no monetary partnerships with any company that sells services to forex traders. Contact an Account Representative Top Branding Placement

The Branding placement is run-of-site and displays two prominent banners simultaneously. Thebanners are located in the left sidebar and the footer, and there are no competing ads within sight!This clean communication channel not only allows for unparalleled branding, but its also highlyeffective in immediate customer acquisition since the marketing message doesnt get lost in adclutter. The combination of immediate results and brand recognition makes this placement one ofthe most unique and compelling forms of online advertising available to forex companies. Placement Specs

Banner can be any size that is wider than tall

Orders can exclude Australia, Europe, Middle East, or US (or any combo); no CPM change

Orderscan target Africa and/or Asia; 20% discounted CPM

Brokers may host a thread in the Broker Discussionforum for the duration of the order

Link to advertisers Guide placement (if any) will be included below the 160600 banner

Placement Options Option Impressions Guaranteed Impressions per Month CPM Monthly Spend Total Spend 72/12 72M over 12 months approx. 6M $8.20 $49,200 $590,400 60/12 60M over 12 months approx. 5M $8.40 $42,000 $504,000 48/12 48M over 12 months approx. 4M $8.60 $34,400 $412,800 36/12 36M over 12 months approx. 3M $8.70 $26,100 $313,200 18/6 18M over 6 months approx. 3M $9.00 $27,000 $162,000 24/12 24M over 12 months approx. 2M $9.20 $18,400 $220,800 12/6 12M over 6 months approx. 2M $9.50 $19,000 $114,000 6/3 6M over 3 months approx. 2M $9.80 $19,600 $58,800 12/12 12M over 12 months approx. 1M $10.00 $10,000 $120,000 6/6 6M over 6 months approx. 1M $10.30 $10,300 $61,800 3/3 3M over 3 months approx. 1M $10.60 $10,600 $31,800 1.5/3 1.5M over 3 months approx. 0.5M $11.10 $5,550 $16,650 0.5/1 0.5M over 1 month exactly 0.5M $11.40 $5,700 $5,700 Contact an Account Representative Placement Terms Preview Payment: Monthly Spend must be pre-paid by the first day of each month. Delivery: The Impressions Guaranteed will be delivered by the order end date. Impressions willbe delivered as evenly as possible, but due to unexpected inventory changes, delivery mayfluctuate by as much as 30% month-to-month. Cancellation: Orders cancelled before the order end date will be assessed an inventorymanagement fee equal to 10% of the unbilled Total Spend. View Extra Branding Extra Branding Placement

When the Branding placement has unsold impression inventory for a given month, the extra inventory is usually sold to existing customers via the Extra Branding Placement.

The Extra Branding placement is identical to the Branding placement in terms of placement specs, ad delivery and display, and administrative mechanics. Buyers of the placement must have an existing Branding order for the same month, and the CPM is based on the existing order. Extra Branding is sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Placement Options Option Additional Impressions CPM 1M 1M over 1 month 10% discount on existing order 2M 2M over 1 month 20% discount on existing order 3M 3M over 1 month 25% discount on existing order 4M 4M over 1 month 30% discount on existing order Placement Terms Preview Payment: Orders must be pre-paid by order commencement. Delivery: The Impressions Guaranteed will be delivered by the end of the given month. Cancellation: Orders cannot be cancelled. Top Guide Placement

The Guide placement is located on the Brokers product, a guide that helps traders evaluate forexbrokers. The broker guides sophisticatedinterface, fact-based information, and real-time spreads make it a natural starting point for tradersevaluating forex brokers. Placement Conditions

Broker is regulated by one of the following: ASIC, BaFin, CBUAE, CFTC/NFA,CySEC, DFSA, FCA, FINMA, FMA, IIROC, JFSA, MAS, MFSA, OCC, SFC

Brokers management team is publicly available

Forex Factory holds final editorial control over information on the guide

Ad unit 2: Open Live text, linking to live account signup page

Ad unit 3: Open Demo text, linking to demo account signup page

Ad unit 4: Contact text, linking to contact page

Placement can be geo-targeted to US or non-US

Mentions of brokers name in Forum posts will be linked to Guide placement

Broker will be included in Broker Quotes application on Market product

Placement Options Option Duration Guaranteed Geo-Target Monthly Spend Total Spend WW/12 12 months Worldwide $6,410 $76,920 WW/6 6 months Worldwide $6,740 $40,440 WW/3 3 months Worldwide $7,100 $21,300 NUS/12 12 months Non-US $4,920 $59,040 NUS/6 6 months Non-US $5,180 $31,080 NUS/3 3 months Non-US $5,450 $16,350 Contact an Account Representative Placement Terms Preview Payment: Monthly Spend must be pre-paid by the first day of each month. Delivery: Advertiser will be featured on the Brokers product for the duration of the order. Content: Advertiser must provide a standard live trading account from which real-time spreadscan be extracted.Forex Factory has final editorial control over listed information. Cancellation: Orders cancelled before the order end date will be assessed an inventorymanagement fee equal to 5% of the unbilled Total Spend.

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