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As an RBI authorised money changer, we are well established with more than 20 branches spread across India. We are bringing years of expertise as a foreign currency exchanger into online money exchange. With our best rates you now have a new way to change your currency faster!With the easy to use online platform you can stay updated with the latest rates and make your transactions safe and secure in a matter of minutes. But, dont have our word for it. Go on and try our various offerings in the currency exchange platform.If at all you have any doubts in making your transaction with Orient Exchange, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team and rest assured to get the best solution. We make it easy for you convert or send currencies abroad.

Our platform utilises sophisticated tech to provide you a simple and effective solution involving foreign currency. We have made it a point to serve the customer with best rates, so that we establish a symbiotic relationship founded on truth, which lasts for a longer and fulfilling time period.

Pick us to get the best rates and tailored solutions for your forex requirements in Kolkata. If you feel that online isnt the platform for you to experiment with currency, you can directly walk into our branch in the city to have a feel of our authenticity and effective transaction details.We focus heavily on customer satisfaction with best rates (our ties in UAE and Dubai makes it easier) instead of creating a huge marketplace for buyers and sellers of foreign currency to meet.We work really hard on sustaining our present customers and rely on their good experience to do our advertising in obtaining new customers. We are truly traditional in believing that word of mouth is the best way to get advertised.Even though we provide just a few handfuls of solutions, we are proud in the depth and detail we levy on those solutions. From getting you a new Forex card to sending money to your loved ones studying abroad, we take care of the tiny details with utmost sincerity to give you the best satisfaction.We are one of the few players in the market to have more than 23 cities covered in India with physical branches for your convenience. Just the fact that you can walk into our branches in these twenty plus branches makes us credible and authentic. Needless to say, as we are authorised by RBI, we are adherent to the FEMA act in complete entirety.Effective foreign currency exchange solutions:Heres a list of our handpicked solutions. We devote our efforts in providing a wholistic approach towards foreign currency exchange. You can never go wrong in picking us for the following:

Our ties with more than twenty countries across the globe allow us to provide you a variety of currency options to pick from. Get the best rates in Kolkata and make your foreign currency exchange swift and easy.As a renowned foreign currency importer our rates are unmatched and simply the best in the market. We stand out from the rest as an effective money changer near you, making it easy and quick to exchange currencies or get a travel card.Get the best rates at Kolkata and make your exchanges fast and easy.

We have a handful of solutions for you. But Outward Remittance is our speciality. As a customer centric organisation, we truly respect the needs of our customers to transfer money to their loved ones in foreign countries, be it for study or travel. We are proud and fulfilled in playing our part in aiding customers make financial transaction for the betterment of their lives.

Get your Forex Card and make your trip with comfort and security. With attractive cashback offers from retail stores and online platforms, it really benefits to have your own card We have a dynamic system updated rates for your convenience, please check them out here at thededicated page.

Use your Orient Exchange Forex Card like any other ATM card at shopping malls and retail stores during your travel. A Forex Card is a must in any of your overseas trips, and you can easily cash in the leftover currencies at our branches easily.

Put your mind to ease and transfer funds abroad safe and quick. What you can do with us:

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