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Welcome back to Forex professional training infinancial markets.

In this session we will talk about economic calendar and Forex factory, website references, news websites, analysis websites,educational websitesand forums.

We have a variety of websites that offer different information, such as:

News websites These websites provide the latest news. These news influences financial markets directly or indirectly with long orshort termeffects on the markets.

These websites grant analysis on news byfinancial expertsthat can be significantly helpful.

Analysis website These websites offertechnical analysisfundamental analysisor both of them in different methods.

Educational websites These websites usually haveForexschools that include educational materials and courses with different levels beneficial for any trader.

Forums These websites are very popular. One or more topics are presented on these websites and people can leave comments about them.

They give theiropinionsand experiences and try to make the topic as easy to understand as possible.

Economic calendar This deals with times and dates that include different information such as:

news titles, to which country it is related, time of its release, importance of the news, value and grade of the news,market predictionafter it is announced, what its direction is  (upwards or downwards), update in news, announcement time or any other additional news.

Forex factory is the biggest source available for traders and clients. It also has the biggest forum andeconomic calendarfor traders.

There is a number of reliable websites which a client can gather information andnewsfrom, such as , m,, and

Also there are websites which offer services on financial markets andForexin particular such as:

com which has an economic calendar and many other different interesting sections

com which offers all information on brokers and how reliable they can be. Traders can also leave comments on this website, so other traders can make a good decisions when it comes to choosing a

Now, this is . As you can see it contains different sections such as home, forum, news, calendar, market and brokers.

Also, as you can see, all news about trades, interactive trading forums and the latest comments are available here, as well as hot andmajor news.

There is also a section for forums, info about long (buy) and the short (sell) percentage in the market, information about differentsymbols, which markets are up and running and traders statistics.

Remember, whatever you see here is live and up to date.

Now, this section is forum that contains thelatest newsand topics.

It is possible to see the time that news was listed with comments and opinions about it.

The next section is about trades plus the amount of transactions ofdifferent currencies.

This is for people with real accounts, sorted based on theirprofit, such as PAMM and MAM.

Next section shows the percentage of bought or sold open orders on certain symbols.

The next section is acalendarthat is very important. You see a week period, dates and times here.

The day of the news is shown here, time of announcement is shown here, currency shows which counties this news has influenced.

It also shows the currency and itsimpact, i.e. red colour represents high impact, orange represents normal impact, and yellow represents low impact.

Headlineof the news is displayed in the next column, in details pop up page.

Source of the news is mentioned here, for example Ministry of Finance of Japan released this news.

Measures filed represents the comparison between export and import, showing news effect onthe economy.

Usual effect illustrates that if an actual price is higher than thepredicted price, then currency would become more powerful.

The next field mentions the next periodical release time. Next field shows the exact time of nextannouncement.

A short description about the news by Forex Factory is written here.

The reason of news importance is mentioned here. News title is mentioned here.

Other details of this news is shown here. Some news may have more impact on the market frompredictionthat can be seen here.

If the actual impact was better than forecast, then the color would be green, while red color shows more deteriorating impact.

The yellow pointer shows that the news or the announced statistics are updated and you should consider their update.

For example, here it was 1.0% while by new update it becomes 1.2%, this has a considerable impact onthe market.

Thus, positive impacts are shown with a green color, while red color displays deteriorating influence.

In this section you can see all dates in a month and as you can see thegreen partrepresents the current week.

It is possible to browse the calendar in a weekly view, check previous or following weeks; the calendar can also be changed to a month or a year view.

The next part is about news all around the world. As you can see, there are news with the release time andthe source.

If you look at this section here, you can see banks interest rates.

As we mentioned before there are other websites which offer newsupdatesas well.

Bloomberg, Euro news, CNN and CNBC offers very important and valuableanalysis.

This is Fxstreet, which offers an economic calendar like Forex factory and it also has other sections that may be convenient for traders.

This website usually offers more news than the Forex factory.

This is , it is a very useful and haseducational programsand material.

If you enter the school section, you can see different sections and levels such as kindergarten, freshman year and so on, as well as different topics here, such asoscillatorsand pivot.

This website is Forex peace army which is a very famous website amongst traders and offers any information aboutbrokers.

It contains useful information aboutexpert systemsthat have been tested. Of course, there are other websites available but we have shown you the most famous and reliable ones.

That concludes this session, until next time and another session take care.

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