There are many forex brokers out there and they are competition to each other. And most of them are different and some are unique. The thing about Forex brokers is going back to old story and that is picking the one that you find suitable for you. Not everyone likes the same broker. And that is why we made the list of top ones that you may or may not like, that depends on you strategy.

There is Saho Bank that we listed for wide range of markets and people find it popular for its trading platforms. Then there is IG that is  considered as the most trusted broker out there, that is one of the many reasons why users use it other from education and investments.

Then there are eToro and Swissquote that are also one of the best. Other from there trusted services they have a lot of power finding and giving ideas to their users that are also receiving possibility to millions of products. And also the CMC markets that take ti first spot in competitive in pricing range, and Saxo Bank in second spot.

To choose the best Forex brokers we had to ask users and to evaluate them in order to get you right information and made it easier. Even we know not everyone has the same opinion, each on of you will find thei forex plaform and tactics.

There are also Forex platforms. And your platform will depend on what strategies you like and big amount of other things. And many of them are explained as you can see if you google them. The ones that we listed in the text are the most famous ones that we found for you. Since you know your kind of work you will know what Forex platforms are for you.