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Ourtrading guideconsisting of well more than 100 mini-guides covering every aspect of trading from beginner to novice, and in addition we have dedicated sections for supplementary topics liketrading platformssocial tradingcurrency transfers, and even aforex regulation global research. Our forte is with reviews, and we take pride in the fact we have composed more than 60 of those. View our top selections below.

TheFXViews staff has invested a great deal of effort and resources in order to create a forex portal that will stand out from from the bunch. We wanted to do more of everything. More topics covered, more geographic areas covered, more forex broker reviews, more social trading, more trading strategies, and more currency related topics that are not only limited to FX trading We want to created more in-depth and insightful content than ever before. We know we have a stiff competition from the industry giants, but we have our own secret weapons.

Vast majority of guides and reviews were written by the original creator of the site Ed, who is a trader himself. He actually tried the different platforms upon reviewing them, tested the different strategies and forms of analysis before writing on them, unlike many other websites.

Many sites in the forex vertical are fixated on a few particular topics. Some would cover strategies and signals in a thorough way, some would review forex brokers, some would have the most current news, but none of them really combines the information like we do.

When we come to write about a certain topic, we really put our hearts and minds into it and try to cover any concern or query our readers may have about it. This results in more than 10 guides on the site boasting more than 4,000 written words. In fact, our entire website boast well over 110,000 written words  thats more than Mark TwainsThe Adventures of Huck Finn.

Our forex brokerage reviews are well thought and quite elaborated, and even though we have a commercial interest with some of the brokerages, social platforms, and currency transfer companies that we cover, we make sure to explain our ranking and use comparative measures for ranking purposes between dozens of similar companies. Our intent is not to sell the companies we work with, but rather to provide enough information about each company for our readers to make a sober choice about whether they want to do business with it. That why we have created our thoroughbroker comparison charts.

Forex is highly risk and 80% of retail traders lose money. To learn the reasons for thatview this article.  To better educate yourself and increase your chances of winning read through this fx trading guide and browse through our forex trading broker reviews. We will not be held liable for any lose that may incur from your activity based on the information you read here (read full disclaimer).

We dont believe forex is gambling per se and you check out our view on this article. We do cover topics which are closely related to gambling such asspread bettingandbinary options. We also cover gambling concepts likeforex and gamblers ruin. If you are interested in reading about online casinos and other online gambling facilities head over and browse through their reviews and guide.

We give a great deal of attention to each FX currency brokerages reputation and regulatory status on our reviews. We believe that ultimately, above all other things, it all comes down to reducing the risk of being screwed over by the company you are trading with. We try to calculate that risk for you and embed it into our scoring system.

We are looking for FX brokers and currency transfer companies which offer the best trading conditions for their clients. Although things are quite individualized in the sense that pricing is very dependent on the client and his trade style and volume, the best and worst forex brokerages stand out one way or the other.

We favor forex brokers whoa)Offer a large diversity of instruments i.e. currency pairs and stock, as well as a variety of trading platforms and social trading platformsb)Have fair trading conditions (for instance: allowing scalping, allowing trailing stops)c)Have mobile-friendly websites and appsd)Connect with the most popular platforms likeZulutradefor Social Trading amdMT4Platform.

Please note some Forex brokers may be unavailable in your locale. Someregulatory authoritiesare making a concise effort to block some or all providers. You can use VPNs such as NordVPN (readthe NordVPN review here) to avoid the local blockage.

The FX View is a work in progress at the moment.  The website has been originally written by Ed, the previous owner, a seasoned trader with deep market insights, who has been researching the FX vertical for several years. It has a been a well known blog covering a variety of topics and refreshing quickly. The new owners, a company specializing in financial comparison sites, is currently working on shifting it to a review site and a trading guide which puts less focus on news and more focus on friendly user interfaces and quality content.

The way we make money is simple. We receive compensation from brokers upon introducing clients. This is how the vast majority of sites in this vertical operate, and ourbroker comparisonandreviewsoffer plenty of information, to demonstrate that our choices are data and research-driven, as opposed to a quick way of making money.

Funding: We have used thisunsecured small business loan siteto help our business grow.

It must be statedTheFXViewwill not provide any specific financial advice in any regard. There are over 200 articles on the site that should help anyone interested in improving his knowledge on forex trading, or choosing an FX / CFD broker.

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