Below you will find links to our most popular currency pair pages. We provide guidance on all areas relating to money transfer such as property, moving abroad, studying abroad and trading internationally.

The exchange rate offered by a currency broker will play a large part in the cost of transferring money internationally. When choosing a currency broker or comparing the various offered exchanged rates, is an excellent way to gauge the value of wokring with a specific broker. Comparing rates can help ensure you get the best exchange rates on your international money transfers. The cost to send money internationally is affected by exchange rate offered by a broker, but it important to comapre total cost. Our comparison tool examines broker fees in addition to currency exchange comparison.

There are a variety of ways to send money abroad, but probably one of the easiest ways to both send money and check exchange rates is by sending money online. After you choose a currency provider to work with, sending money online is simple. You sign up on the currency providers website and select the destination you are sending to. Following that, you will choose how you would like to send the money, and provide transaction information, such as identification, credit card, or bank information. To learn more about this process, visit our Money Transfer Page, which further explains the process of sending money online.

Currency Volatility Tool- assess the impact of currency risk

Currency Analysis Tool- conduct an audit of historical transactions

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