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Top forex trading brokers This video is where we review the best forex platforms and softwares offered on the market today. Elite forex trading is our blog where we talk about all things forex; trading, training, strategies, systems, robots, platforms, softwares, brokers, methods, the lot!

Etoro came in at number 1 for us, simply because of the sheer easy to use interface for beginners. As mentioned in the video, we are targeting forex trading for beginners as thats our strength. Etoro is the perfect platform for this. To sign up with the huge benefits and offers mentioned in the video, visit:

Avatrade came in at number 2. Again a really solid trading platform with a similar copy-method that etoro has, but Ava came in second for the huge deposit bonus we were able to accuire for all customers that go through our link, which is:

The other platforms reviewed in this article was AAAfx although the softwares 2% commission on all deposits made this come in 5th. Oanda, which is one of the oldest forex brokers around today but they came in 4th. And also Robotrader which is a relatively new software but talks all about SPEED! A forex trade can take seconds but Pips can be lost in those valuable seconds.

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Forex trading is a complicated process but the broker you decide to use should have an easy to use software and a platform that works well for all types of trading. Most people think that the broker is doing you a favour but the PIP spread they have means when you invest in a forex broker you are actually doing THEM a huge favour and as a result you should go a long way to find the best platform for you. Dont settle of an okay one. There are some great ones out there.

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